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Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s a Somatic Experiencing™ treatment like?


Somatic Experiencing™ treatments are a combination of a longer intake process (seated and talking with your therapist) and table work. The table work portion means you’ll be lying comfortably on the massage table fully clothed. Somatic Experiencing™ touch protocol is quite gentle and different than typical massage and is usually done over clothing. The focus is often working with fascia, joints, diaphragms and viscera (organs) as these tend to be the parts of the body that hold stress and tension the most. The first priority is to make sure the client feels safe and comfortable. The therapist checks in with the client regularly as bodily sensations, breath and movement are explored through healing touch.

Why would I choose Somatic Experiencing™?


Many people seek out Somatic Experiencing™ to explore trauma or stress in their lives and how it shows up in their bodies. They are finding that they are having difficulty regulating their nervous system or processing difficult sensations. SE can be really helpful for this. Anyone who is curious about living more fully in their body and exploring embodiment work can benefit from SE.

What does SEP mean?


SEP stands for Somatic Experiencing Practitioner™. The training is a three year continuing education program through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute in Colorado. There are other requirements to become an SEP such as practicum hours and case study review with faculty.

Do you direct bill to private Insurance companies?


Yes. Lucy can direct bill for the following insurance companies:

Blue cross


Chambers of Commerce




First Canadian

Great-West Life

Group Health

Industrial Alliance

Johnson Inc.

Johnston Group



Maximum benefit


Green Shield



Please note: some policies do not allow for direct billing or the client may be required to authorize the practitioner to direct bill. Please look into your health plan for specific requirements.

Do I need a physician referral for a treatment?


You don’t need a referral to see Lucy for a treatment but your insurance plan may require it for the treatment to be covered. Please check with your insurance plan before coming in.

Can I exercise before or after a treatment?


There is no rule about exercise either before or after a treatment. However, sometimes people feel quite fatigued post treatment and really need to rest. Often a walk or pain free range of motion is helpful for your body to integrate the treatment. The important thing is to check in with your own body and see what would be most helpful for you. You can always ask your therapist for advice on this.

Should I bring shorts?


You do not need to bring any specific clothing for a treatment, just wear something comfortable.

Will I have to get undressed?


A Somatic Experiencing treatment does not require any removal of clothing.

Can I have two kinds of therapies in one day?


This is a good question!


Often people will ask if they can or should do two treatments in one day. This depends on what is being treated, how and why. Sometimes less can be more! Overwhelming the nervous system with too much ‘therapy’ does not always allow the body space and time to heal itself. Our bodies are intelligent organisms and often with the right kind and amount of support they will move towards healing naturally. This of course is subjective and it’s important to assess what’s right for you. Sometimes having two treatments in one day is just better for our schedules! So we need to factor in life’s obstacles as well.

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